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Maskne... UGH!

Top Tips to Help Prevent Maskne Breakouts


Maskne is acne breakouts anywhere around the bridge of the nose, chin and cheek area. This occurs when sweat, oil and bacteria are trapped on your skin while wearing a mask. Also, the friction, rubbing or chafing of the skin around the mask area can cause irritation. This humid environment creates the perfect breeding ground for breakouts.

Ok so now what do I do?

1. See a Derm. This is always my answer when my clients ask me about any skin disorder. They are the experts and are treating SO MANY of us that are suffering from breakouts. They will also be able to decipher if it's actually acne or something else like a dermatitis flare-up. Most offices are doing virtual appointments now as well!

2. Simplify your skin care routine and keep your skin clean. Now is not the time to be using allllll the serums on your shelf. You need to get back to basics. No irritating ingredients like fragrance, essential oils or menthol. NO WIPES! Anything that you used to be able to tolerate can irritate the heck out of your skin under that mask. Keep your washing routine to twice a day to make sure sweat and oil are under control.

3. DITCH the makeup! As a makeup artist, I'm telling you right now... stop wearing it. The most you should be wearing is maybe a tinted moisturizer or a tinted mineral sunscreen. Honestly, even lip products can irritate your skin under a mask. Use vaseline instead of your fancy smelly chapsticks. Any dyes, fragrances or flavorings can irritate the skin around your lips.

4. Rotate your cloth masks daily! Wash them after EVERY use with hot water and a fragrance-free soap/detergent. Maybe consider switching to 100% cotton if you haven't already.

5. Manage Stress. hahahahahahahahaha right? But seriously, we all need to do as many things as we can to manage stress. Especially brides! Go for walks, less screen time, virtual therapy, soak in a tub, read a book, do some yoga. Honestly, it makes a huge difference in our skin too.

6. Spot Treat if you need to but be smart! It is so important to moisturize BEFORE you use active acne-fighting ingredients like a retinoid, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Your skin needs to absorb your moisturizer for at least 2 minutes before you put any irritating treatments on. Also, treat your acne only at night. You will drive irritation even more if you are putting "actives" on your skin and then throwing a mask over it.

7. Above all, BE CONSISTENT. It's called a routine for a reason. People get frustrated when they don't see results in a week but they are flaky with cleansing or only moisturize when they "feel dry". You have to be consistent to really get the best benefits!

Product Recommendations

*Disclaimer*: I do not get any sort of "kick-back" or commission for these links... actually I don't even know HOW to do that.

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